Romate 'Amontillado' NPU Sherry - 150ml

Romate 'Amontillado' NPU Sherry - 150ml

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A bit silent on the nose at first, a slightly gentle Amontillado but quite rounded and sweetish. Caramel coated hazelnuts and dried apricot, with a touch of praline and vanilla. Very light traces of its Fino past, with a faint yeasty note, but quite an oxidative style overall. 

Taste is drier and more pungent than the nose suggests. Plenty of acidity with a some Fino saltiness and green olives. Walnuts skin, not much oak, still some vaguely fruity, juicy notes. Picks up nutty notes, evolving towards herbal and slightly bitter notes, but always balanced by a suggestion of sweet roundness. Long, dry finish.

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