Grey Goose Vodka - 700ml

Grey Goose Vodka - 700ml

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In 1998, the Beverage Tasting Institute of Chicago conducted a blind taste test of more than 40 vodkas. They awarded points based on smoothness, nose and most importantly, taste. Of all the vodkas sampled, Grey Goose emerged victorious receiving 96 points out of a possible hundred and was awarded the only Platinum medal. If sales comparisons reveal anything, Grey Goose is set to become the world's leading super premium Vodka, outselling traditional products from Poland, Sweden and Russia. Such results were not anticipated from this humble grain vodka made in the Cognac region of France!

Grey Goose is distilled using the finest French wheat from Picardy (the 'bread basket of France'), and blended with spring water from the Cognac region, making Grey Goose the ultimate premium vodka.

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