On The Side Baby Pickled Figs in Syrup - 120g

On The Side Baby Pickled Figs in Syrup - 120g

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This is what happens when a top food producer sets their mind to make an outstanding product to go with cheese. The team at The Food Academy in Brisbane decided to set their own course to make a range of new and innovative accompaniments for cheese. They achieved their goal.

They took the tiniest of ripe and full flavoured dried Iranian figs and cooked them with brown sugar, apple cider vinegar and thyme leaves.

On The Side Pickles Baby Figs in Syrup is a balanced sweet and sour addition to a dish that will enhances the flavour of not only cheese but charcuterie. The addition of thyme is a master stroke as this really focuses the palate on the savouriness of the combination. With top quality tiny Iranian figs that are no bigger than a small cherry this is a unique product.

Gluten-Free and Vegan friendly.

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