2018 Trofeo Estate 'Harlots Desire' Mornington Peninsula Chardonnay

2018 Trofeo Estate 'Harlots Desire' Mornington Peninsula Chardonnay

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Easter 2021 we spent some time on the Mornington Peninsula to celebrate Mark’s 50th + 1 birthday. We only had one day up our sleeve, to visit the wineries. Trofeo Estate had been on ‘to do’ list for ages, so we started the day there. Due to their hospitality, food and wine, we didn’t leave until 5.30PM.

We drank some really good wines and relaxed in their courtyard, eating tasty platters. There were three wines that stood out and they are now in our stores. The property, in Dromana (next to Crittenden Estate) was first planted in the 1940s before a fire destroyed the vines, in 1967. In 1998 the current owners replanted.

All of the wines are made with 100% estate fruit, which has been grown biodynamically and they use minimal sulphur at bottling. From 2013 the wines have been made by Richard Darby. All wines go through fermentation in amphora pots (200L – 800L), which the winery bring in direct from the Italian producer.

The 'Harlots Desire' is an entry level release. It shows white stone fruit aromas and a light  bodied palate weight. Fairy floss and citrus flavours, with a hint of cinnamon and vanilla.

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